The Band

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Consisting of Rick on bass and vocals, Eric on guitar and vocals, Mat on drums The Bubble displays an impressive level of musicianship in its handling of numbers such as The Jam's 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight' and Squeeze's 'Up the Junction' and their treatment of Plastic Bertrand's punk hit 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' gains added cachet for being stylishly and expertly performed by their French member Eric.

'The Bubble's gigs are invariably lively, joyous occasions. Whatever the venue, the band generates a Feel-good vibe and electric atmosphere which entices you on to the dance floor and encourages you to join the guys in the chorus.

In short, the band combines exceptional talent with a great sense of fun - they are not averse to appearing in matching wigs or fancy dress - and cannot be bettered for a terrific night out.